Adding products to an invoice


In SimplePractice, you can add line items to your invoices using the "product" feature.  

Read this article to learn about setting up your "Product" list. Products can range from books and workshops, to service fees or consulting. Products provide flexibility to do things like add sales tax or include refunds on an invoice as well. You can attach a product to any unpaid invoice. 

First, open up the invoice.  Click here to learn more about creating invoices.

From the edit mode, click the "Add Line Item" button at the bottom of the invoice.


From the pop up that appears, select the products you wish to add to the invoice by clicking the +Add button.  
When you're done, click the X button on the top right of the flyout. 


The product will now be added to the invoice.  



Be sure to click "Save" on the upper right hand corner of the invoice to complete the process and update the total. 


Now the invoice is completed and ready to be paid!

If you need to add any additional products, you can click "edit" again to make any changes.   

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