Insight Reports for your private practice

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1. About Insights
2. Client Reports
3. Insurance Reports
4. Performance Reports

About Insights

INSIGHTS is the area of SimplePractice where you can find analytics and reports on your practice- from income trends to client data.

To locate your Insights section, please click on Insights on the left side of your SimplePractice page.




Featured on this page is a graph of income by month, so you can see your practice’s growth trends over time.




Projected Income This Month

This monthly income estimate looks at the money you've collected for session so far this month as well as all upcoming session fees in your calendar.

Here's what the formula looks like:

(Client payments + Insurance payments recorded in the Month to Date)* + (Fees for future non-cancelled appointments for the rest of the month)

*Once a session has passed and remains unpaid, it's no longer included in the Projected Income until the session fee is paid.

This is very straightforward if all the sessions in your calendar are self pay and have the Billing Type set to "Client pays me."

However, if you bill insurance and you have calendar sessions with the Billing Type set to "Insurance pays me" then the formula looks at a few more variables including the estimated write-off and insurance reimbursement.

We're able to provide these reimbursement estimates based on information we receive from insurance payers. 

To estimate insurance income for future sessions, we use the payer's average reimbursement amount for the session's billing code. Then we also add the co-pay amount you've indicated for the session. 

To give an example, let's say you're filing a claim for a session that has a total fee of $100 with a $20 co-pay. We look at information from payers that gives us a close idea of how much that payer normally reimburses for sessions submitted with the same billing code. That's the amount we will use in addition to the copay to determine your Projected Income for that session.




Income Last Month

This is the total sum of all the payments you received last month. If a payment was recorded last month, that means it's included in this number, regardless of when the session occurred.

Year to Date Income

This is the total sum of all the payments you have received in the current year.


Client Reports

1. Client Balances

A balance overview for each client including balance information for both the client and the client's insurance company. Note that the insurance payments on this report only include the insurance payments allocated to the client's sessions. 




2. Invoice Aging Report

This is an aging report on cash owed by Clients (excluding insurance money owed)




3. Attendance

Report by client of appointment status (Show, Cancelled, Late Cancelled, No Show)




You can also easily download this information as a CSV or EXCEL document for further analysis.


4. Session Billing Status

This report breaks down the financial history of every client session. You can see the current status for every session which can include Paid, Unpaid, Uninvoiced, and Overpaid. This report will show you if either the client or insurance company owes you money for any sessions. To see a more detailed explanation of this report, click here.

5. Invoices

This report shows the status of every invoice in your account. Use this report to find Unpaid and Past Due invoices.




6. Email Delivery

This report gives you a record of emails that are sent from SimplePractice's system. Emails include: invitations to clients to complete the intake, your schedule for today, and self-scheduling invitations (Professional Plan).   



7. Phone/SMS Reminders

This section keeps a record of the reminders that are sent to your clients.  You can view this section to ensure that a reminder was sent to a client.  Click here for more information about Setting up and Sending Appointment Reminders.

If this record shows that a reminder was sent but a client reports not receiving the reminder, then this means that the reminder was sent from SimplePractice and the issue was with the client's phone carrier.




Insurance Reports

1. Claim Aging Report

This is an aging report on money owed from Insurance companies, sorted by insurance provider. 



Unbilled: This is the sum of the session fees that have not been included on a superbill or a CMS claim form.

Total Charges: This is the sum of all insurance claims (both electronic and printed CMS 1500 claims)

Due 30 Days: The sum of all unpaid claims that were created more than 30 days ago.

Due 60 Days: The sum of all unpaid claims that were created more than 60 days ago.

Balance Due: Entire balance due for all claims created for this payer.


2. Electronic Insurance Claims

This report shows a list of all electronically submitted insurance claims through SimplePractice in a selected date range. This information can be exported as a CSV or Excel file.  


3. Coverage Reports

This report shows a list of all insurance coverage reports generated via SimplePractice in a selected date range. This information can be exported as a CSV or Excel file.  


4. Payment Reports

This report shows a list of all payment reports (electronic EOB's) received through SimplePractice in a selected date range.  This information can be exported as a CSV or Excel file.  


5. Unpaid Sessions

This report shows a list of unpaid sessions for each client listed by date.  This information can be exported as a CSV or Excel file.  


6. Insurance Processing Fees

This report shows a list of charges incurred from electronic claim filing.  Claims on the pay-as-you-go plan cost .25/claim and can take up to 6 sessions per client per claim.  This information can be exported as a CSV or Excel file.  






Performance Reports

1. Income by Month

Monthly total income from Clients and Insurance companies. This measures all the payments received during the month, regardless of when the services for those payments occurred. 

You can generate a CSV or Excel report of your Income by Month.  Once exported, you can then manipulate the data to best serve your accounting or reporting needs (i.e. end of year totals) 


If you are in a group practice, you'll see the following reports:

2. Invoiced by Clinician

This report shows the total amount of invoices for the selected time period. The report will show a total of invoiced and uninvoiced amounts. This will be helpful to ensure all sessions are invoiced and the total amounts billed by each clinician.


3. Payments Received by Clinician

The Payments Received by Clinician report shows the total amount of payments received by the clinician for a selected period of time. These payments are allocated to the clinician when services are invoiced. If invoices are partially paid, that amount will display in the Total of Partial Paid Invoices. In order for that amount to be allocated for the clinician, the full session amount will need to be paid.



We plan to continue to build out the data visualization items and reports on this page to provide you with easy visibility into the workings of your practice.

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