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Exporting billing documents

Exporting billing documents

In SimplePractice, you have the ability to filter client billing documents by client, type of document, and date. You can also export this information to share with clients at your convenience.

To view your billing documents:


By default, this will pull up all billing documents that have been generated in the last 30 days for all clients.

On this page, you can:

  • See all client billing documents and sort them by individual client
  • View client billing details by clicking the client's name
  • See the delivery method of the billing document
  • View the status of each document
    • Pending: This document has been created, but not exported or sent to your clients
    • Sent: This document has been exported or sent to your clients
  • View the date and time when the document was generated
  • Filter by billing document type and date range
  • Filter to see all manually created documents which will appear here as Pending


To export your billing documents:

  • Select which documents you'd like to export:
    • Invoices
    • Statements
    • Superbills
    • Change the date range
    • Select a specific client if you'd like to do so
  • Click Apply Filters

Tip: Select Manual preference only to see the billing documents you created manually for your clients.

After making your selections, click the checkboxes next to the documents you want to export and the option to Export PDF will appear.


Now that you've exported the PDF, you can share this document with your clients.

Tip: To learn how to share billing documents with clients, refer to this guide: How to share billing documents with clients.




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