Exporting billing documents

With our "Export Billing Documents" feature, you have the ability to easily download, and then print and/or mail any previously created billing documents at any time.  With this feature, you have the flexibility and ease to sort past billing documents, to see what has previously been sent, and then download the specific documents that you need.

If you have set your document generation to "Manual," this page will be helpful when you are ready to download, print and/or mail billing documents for your clients when they request it.

All manually created documents will appear here as "Not Sent" and can be filtered and downloaded as needed.

To export billing documents:

Click on Billing > Billing Documents

Billing documents button on Recent Transactions page in SimplePractice

By default this will pull up all billing documents that have been generated in the last 30 days for all clients.

On this page, you can:

- See a single client's billing documents
- Click into client's Billing Details by clicking on the client's name
- View the status ("Exported" or "Not Sent") of each document
- View the Date and Time when the document was generated
- Filter by billing document Type and Date

Once you are on the "Export Billing Documents" page, you can now apply any filters that you need.Export Billing Documents filters in SimplePractice


To Filter:

First, make the selections that you prefer.  

For example, let's say you wish to send ONLY Molly any UNSENT billing documents from the last 30 days.

To do this:

Check all of the options (Statements, Superbills, Invoices)

Choose Molly from the client drop down menu. 

Click Apply Filters.

Now you will use the checkboxes to select all of documents that you wish to generate a PDF.

Then Click "Export PDF" at the bottom of this page.

Exporting billing documents in SimplePractice




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