How do I enter Write-offs?



There are two types of write-offs you can track in SimplePractice. One is for sessions that are set with the Billing Type "Client Pays Me" which is reserved for clients who are paying their sessions out-of-pocket. The other one is for sessions set with the Billing Type "Insurance Pays Me", which is used for clients who use insurance. 


Enter write-offs for clients paying out of pocket:

1. Go to the client’s billing details page.
2. Find the session where you’d like to apply a write-off. Hover your mouse over the session and an EDIT link will appear. Click on this link. (If the EDIT link does not appear, that means you already have this session on an invoice or superbill. Delete these items and you’ll be able to access the EDIT link.)
3. Enter the amount of the session fee you’d like to write-off. Save.


This is how you verify that the write-off was applied:



The write-off amount you enter will reduce the portion of the session fee that your client is responsible to pay causing the client’s overall balance to decrease.


Enter write-offs for insurance clients:

1- Go to the Add Insurance Payment page.

2- Enter the write-off for each one of the sessions that require it from this page. You can either type in the amount in the write-off box or use the circle of arrows so the system auto-populates it for you. Save.


You will know that the write-off was entered successfully because you will see it on the client's billing page like so:





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