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Troubleshooting client invitations to the Client Portal

If your client hasn't received their Client Portal invitation because an incorrect email was entered, these steps will help you update and resend the portal invitation to the correct address.

You can also download this PDF to share with your clients to help them with logging in.

Note: You might notice a yellow banner on the client's page if they haven't signed in as shown below.


To see what email address is currently being used for this client's portal:

  • Navigate to the client's Overview page > Edit details > Client Portal tab.
  • Click Client Info tabYou can change the email address here to update the email address used for the client's Client Portal login. 
  • Click Save Client.

If you decide to change the email address used for the client's Client Portal login, navigate to the Client Portal tab and select the new email address from the dropdown menu. Then click Send Email to send the client a new invitation email. 


If you don't want to change the email address but you want to resend the invitation email, navigate to the Client Portal tab and select Resend email invitation. Then click Send Email



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