Missing claims when batch billing



Creating batch claims is an efficient way to get your billing done.  It's super easy to just assemble all your unbilled sessions, click a button and voila!  Claims can be created (and submitted) with just a click of a button!

But sometimes you may create a batch of claims but one or more clients' claims do not generate.


Here is a good example.  You go to Billing > Insurance > Unbilled Sessions and see 4 clients with unbilled sessions. 


You click on "create claims" and only 2 claims are created instead of the 4+ that you were expecting.  

This commonly happens with people new to SimplePractice (creating batch claims for the first time) or when you've entered a new client into SimplePractice.  

The reason that the claim is not being created is because there is missing information in your client's profile.   

SimplePractice doesn't want to try to prepare/submit a claim that is missing information and would be rejected. 

To find out what is missing, here's what you need to do:

1) Go to Client Profile > View Details (Billing Info)

2) Select the date range you would like to create claims for.

3) Click "Create" and select "Claim/CMS-1500"



Once you click Claim/CMS, you will see the error message telling you what is missing from the client's profile.  

Now, simply make those corrections in the client's profile.  You'll then be able to create claims either from the client's profile or from the batch claims area.

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