Missing information when batch billing


Creating batch claims is an efficient way to get your billing done. It's incredibly easy to assemble all of your unbilled sessions, click a button, and create and submit claims with just the click of a button.


However, sometimes you may create a batch of claims where one or more clients' claims do not generate. Claims will not generate because there is missing information in your client's profile.   

SimplePractice doesn't want to try to prepare or submit a claim that is missing information and would ultimately be rejected by the payer.

Here’s how to find out what information is missing for clients:

  • An inline banner will appear on the page that will alert you to the number of clients missing required information
  • In the table of clients, an alert icon will note any clients that are missing required information
    • Clicking the alert icon will show a tooltip of exactly what they’re missing
    • Selecting Add from the alert icon will link the the client’s info page where you can add or edit the required information
  • When selecting either Create Claims or Create & Submit Claims, you will see a modal that tells you how many clients will have claims created and how many clients need more information saved to their accounts


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