Inviting your clients to the client portal


How Do I Invite My Client to the Portal?

Existing Clients can access the portal when you enable their access.  You can also Share Documents, which will enable portal access and send them documents at the same time.

To enable client portal access, go to Client Name > Edit Client Info > Communications Tab

Click Send Client Portal Invitation



Important*: Do not delete the {practice_client_portal_login_link} within the email, as this provides the client with their unique PIN so they can access the portal.  

Once your client clicks the practice link and logs in with their email and PIN, they will be prompted to enter their own password.

You can always disable/re-enable the portal to trigger a new email and PIN being sent to your client.  
If you disable the portal, your client will not be able to log on with any previous email/PIN information.  


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