How do I disable the Client Portal for one client?

Online Booking is available on the Professional Plan. All other client portal features are available on the Essential and Professional Plan.

We realize that you may work with individual clients in different ways, so you can customize portal options on a client-by-client basis for a more personalized experience.

This article will explain how to:

  • Turn on/off an individual client's ability to view and manage billing documents from her portal
  • Turn off Online Booking for individual clients (if Online Booking is enabled on the practice level)

Prior to making changes in your clients' individual profiles, you will want to make sure to set up the portal on the practice level. Please read this article first to learn about setting up your client portal.

By default, your clients are able to use the client portal to:

  • Request a session on Online Booking (if you are on the Professional Plan and have enabled this feature in your practice settings)
  • View their billing details in their portal
  • Pay invoices using Stripe (if Stripe is enabled)

To make changes to any of these options for an individual client, navigate to your Client's overview page > Edit details > Client Portal tab and make the selections that work best for each client.


If you'd like your clients to see their billing info, but not make payments from the portal, uncheck the Pay a balance with credit card using Stripe. Keep in mind that the box will be unchecked until you have enabled Stripe in your account.

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