Online Booking: Client view of the portal

Client POV of the Intake Portal Process

Once you add a new client, SimplePractice will prompt you to invite the client to the Client Portal. 

Your client receives this welcome email:

Welcome email in SimplePractice


After clicking the link in the Welcome Email, they are directed to the Welcome Page, where they will be prompted to enter their email address and the PIN number provided in the email.  

They will then be directed to a Reset Password page, where they can select to enter the password of their choice.  They will now be able to login to the Client Portal at any time. 

They will then be directed to the Welcome Page:

Welcome page in SimplePractice

After clicking the Get Started button, they begin the process by viewing and agreeing to the Practice Documents.

Your Practice Documents

Practice documents in SimplePractice
After electronically signing your Practice Documents you have included, they then provide their client information.  You do not have to include this in your intake questionnaire as it is already part of the intake portal.  

Basic Client Information

If you included the Client Demographic Form, the client will be prompted to fill in their profile information with Name and contact info, employment, relationship status, gender, birthdate, insurance info, etc...

Client Demographic form in SimplePractice

After filling out the basic information, they will fill out the Questionnaire.


Intake Questionnaire

After filling out their demographic information and signing any practice documents, your client will complete the Intake Questionnaire (if you included it as part of their intake packet).  

The default questionnaire asks for information such as,

  • What brings you to counseling?
  • Goals?
  • Previous counseling experience
  • Medication info
  • Physician info
  • Any history of suicide attempts?
  • Relationship history
  • Family history
  • Current living situation
  • Health issues
  • Education history
  • Employment history
  • Mental and physical status
These questions are editable in your account, and you can read more here: Build a custom intake questionnaire.

Intake questionnaire in SimplePractice

Once your Client has completed the Intake, they can review and edit the information before final submission.

Reviewing client information in SimplePractice

After submitting, the Client will receive a confirmation page where they can select to Make Corrections or Submit the information:

Confirmation page for clients in SimplePractice

Once they hit "Submit", your client will be directed to the Client Portal main page where your client will be able to view all the documents they have completed. 

Client Portal Documents tab in SimplePractice

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