How to upload and share documents for individual clients

You can upload documents from your computer or device to share to individual clients through the Client Portal. 

Note: To learn how to upload and share documents to multiple clients on a practice level, see How to upload documents for client intake

  • Navigate to your client's Overview page 
  • Click Upload New in the Uploaded Files box


Tip: You can rename the file after uploading it so it's easy to identify. Click the pencil icon in the Uploaded Files box next to the document to rename. 

  • After uploading your document, click Share New in the Shared With Client box


  • Select the document you uploaded from the Share Documents window
  • Click Send message


Note: There is no storage limit for uploading documents, but each individual file must be 10MB or less. 

Tip: You can also use the Uploaded Files section as an area to securely store documents on a client's chart. To learn more, see Storing client documents


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