Enabling the Client Portal


Online Booking is a feature that is available on the Professional Plan.  
Visit www.simplepractice.com/pricing to learn more about our SimplePractice plans and pricing. 

Click here to learn how to set up Online Booking.

You can choose whether you wish to allow Online Booking for new clients through the Client Portal.  If you disable Online Booking for new clients, only clients already entered into SimplePractice will be able to access the portal to request an appointment. 

1.  Go to My Account > Settings > Client Portal.

2.  Toggle the Client Portal slider for to "ON.".

3.  Scroll down to the checkbox for "Allow new clients to book appointments"

4. Uncheck the box as shown if you wish to disable new client Online Booking.

5. Click Save.  

When unchecked, there will no longer be a "New Client" button available at your practice link/client portal.  Only existing clients will be able to schedule.




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