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Customizable notes templates are available in the Professional Plan. The Essential Plan offers plain-text notes only. 


Each session in SimplePractice has a Progress and Psychotherapy note field attached to it. With all of our pricing plans (Essential & Professional) you can enter your note as plain text. However, with the Professional Plan you have the option to create customizable note templates that can be used for documenting your sessions. This allows you to write session notes in a structured form with checkboxes, dropdown menus, text fields and more. 


In This Article:

1) Creating and Customizing Templates
2) Types of Template Questions
3) Writing Notes with Your Templates
4) Important Details to Know


Creating and Customizing Your Note Templates

With the Professional Plan you can create your first note template by going to My Account > Settings Notes & Forms


"Notes & Forms" is where all of your templates (both for progress notes and intake questionnaires) will be stored. 

Select "Create New Template" and then select "for Progress Notes." 

Be sure to name your template something that will help you identify it from other note templates you create. Many providers choose to name note templates based on the information collected e.g. "Progress Note", "P.N. + Treatment Plan", "P.N. + T.P. + Mental Status Exam", "SOAP Note", or "DAP Note", etc...

To begin adding fields to your note template click "Add Question.”


Types of Template Questions

When creating your template, you will have 4 options for the type of question you wish to add.  

  1. Open Question - This is a question in which you will be able to enter a free form answer.  
    (i.e. Current Symptoms or Session Content)
  2. Single Choice:  allows you to create a question where you can select only one answer.  This type of question creates radio buttons.
  3. Multiple Choice:  allows you to create a question in which you can select multiple answers.  Check boxes are created when you select this type of question.  
  4. Text Fields: allow you to create sub-heading with short answer boxes.  

Here is what each question type will look like:


You have the option to DRAG AND DROP questions to re-order them.  

Once you have completed your note template, be sure to click "Save" at the top of the page.

Now that your note template is complete you're ready to fill it out and write your note!


Writing Notes with Your Templates

Your note templates are found in the Progress Note field for every cleint session. To use your template in a session note, go to the Session Detail page. You can get there in two ways:


1) From the Calendar 




2) From the client's "overview page" 

Click on the client's name and then scroll to session where you'd like to create a note. Then click "Add Progress Note."


Once you're on the Session Detail page you're ready to create your note. Select the template you want to use from the dropdown list of all your active Progress Note Templates.


Keep in mind, you can still use the "Simple Progress Note", which is the standard blank text field for your note. 

When you select a note template, it will load in the Progress Note field for this session and you can begin filling it out.


Important Details to Know

  • You can only load templates into a progress note field that is linked with a session. You cannot load a template on the Diagnosis page, on the Mental Status Exam page, or in the chart note field.
  • If you would like to create a custom template to document a Mental Status Exam, you can create your own Mental Status Exam in a Progress Note template. Then when you fill out this Mental Status Exam template, it will be associated with an individual session.
  • The standard Mental Status Exam, Treatment Plan, and Diagnosis page are not customizable at this time.
  • You do not have to use a note template for every Progress note. You can always select to use the Simple Progress Note, which is simply a blank text field with no customization.
  • You can only load 1 note template into a Progress Note field. So if you would like to record a structured Progress Note as well as a Mental Status Exam, you should create a template that contains the structure to record both types of information.
  • Many providers choose to create multiple note templates depending on the information they would like to capture from a session. Providers frequently create seperate templates for a "Progress Note", "P.N. + Treatment Plan", "P.N. + T.P. + Mental Status Exam", "P.N. + Discharge Summary",  etc... 


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