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Unlimited email, voice, and text reminders are included in both the Essential and Professional Plans.
Customizing the reminder message is included in the Professional Plan. Learn more about SimplePractice pricing and plans.

Free voice, text/SMS, and email reminders are available to send to clients 24, 36, 48, or 72 hours before scheduled appointments. You can send your clients our standard reminder messages, or you can choose to customize the reminder message to fit the needs of your practice. 

In this article:

1) Setting Up Reminders
2) Customizing Reminders
3) Sending Reminders to Clients
4) Important Details to Know



How to Set Up Client Reminders

Click on My Account > Settings > Client Reminders



Setting up phone/text while in the trial period:

While in free trial, you'll be asked to verify your mobile phone number before you can send text or voice reminders to clients. Until you have verified your mobile phone number, you will only be able to send email reminders.

If you haven't yet entered a phone number in your practice settings, you will see a notification that you need to add your mobile phone number.  

Click on "Add a mobile phone number" to enable text and voice reminders.



You will be taken to the practice settings page to enter your practice phone number.  Enter your mobile phone number, click "save" and then return to the Client Reminders section.

When you have a mobile phone number entered in your practice settings, the Client Reminders section will ask you to verify your mobile phone number (only for trial accounts).

Click on "request verification message" to receive a link to the phone number you provided. An SMS message will be sent to your phone. Click on the link in the message and your phone number will become verified.  

Once your phone number is verified, you are ready to turn on the reminders for either email, text, voice, or all three.  



When you toggle the reminders to the “On” position, your reminders are enabled within your account but they will not be sent until you select which clients you would like to receive reminders.

For each active reminder you can select how far in advance of the appointment you’d like the reminder to be sent. By default, reminders are scheduled to send 24 hours before a session but you can also select to have reminders sent 36, 48, or 72 hours in advance. 



Customizing the Messages for Client Reminders

Customizing appointment reminder messages is included in the Professional Plan. 

Now that you have set up the client reminders and assigned the interval at which they will be sent, you're ready to tailor the reminder message in emails, texts and voicemails!

When you toggle a reminder to "ON", the body of the reminder will appear, where you can edit and customize the message.  

Click "Customize this Email" to make changes.  



When you click the "Customize this Email" link, you will be provided with an editable field, where you can insert text and fields that pull information from your practice settings.  For example, anywhere you place the field {client_first_name}, the client's first name will appear in the message.  This allows each message to be tailored to the individual client.

Now you can customize text and voice reminders in the same way.



Send Reminders to Clients

Now that you've enabled your appointment reminders (and customized them if you're in the Professional Plan), you're ready to send them to clients!

In order for a client to receive appointment reminders, you need to indicate that you have the client's consent to contact them and you'll have to select which reminders the client should receive.

To do this:

1) Go to a client’s Edit Info page.
2) Check the appropriate boxes to indicate which communication types you are authorized to use with this client. When finished, remember to click "Save."


3) Click on the Communication tab.




4) Select which reminders you'd like the client to receive. 



You're all set! Now this client will begin receiving appointment reminders before each session.


Important details to know:

  • Make sure you set up an appointment reminder within the window of time set (i.e. you have reminders set to 48 hours, but you schedule the appointment a day in advance, the client will NOT receive a reminder because the window has already passed.)
  • To send voice and/or text reminders during your free trial, you will need to use a cell phone as the phone number in your practice settings. You will be asked to verify this mobile number before voice and/or text reminders can be enabled in your free trial account.  
  • You can choose to send either a voice OR text in addition to an email reminder (not all three). A client cannot receive both voice and text reminders.
  • For couples appointments, the reminders will be sent to both members of the couples session as long as you have set up reminders for both within their client profile.
  • Be aware that if a client allows an appointment reminder to go to voicemail, the message may be cut off depending on the cell phone provider's settings.
  • If a client accidentally unsubscribed from their email appointment reminders, you can override this by switching the appointment reminder back on... Just check with the client to see if he/she meant to unsubscribe or not. 
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