Changing your SimplePractice subscription


If you'd like to change or upgrade your account, you can do so at any time.  

To make changes, click My Account > Settings > Billing Information

Change Your Subscription Plan

To see which features are included in each plan click here: "See a detailed list of features included in each plan."

We offer a 10% discount for members who choose to pay for the full year of SimplePractice upfront. This upfront payment is not refundable if you choose to cancel your subscription within the year.   

If you prefer the flexibility of monthly billing, your credit card will be charged each month for the cost of your selected plan.

With both options, you have the choice to upgrade or downgrade to a different plan at any time.

Confirm your Subscription Change

When you click Change My Subscription and upgrade your account, it will be modified immediately.

With monthly billing, we do not offer proration for partial months so we recommend upgrading or downgrading at the end of your monthly billing cycle.

With yearly billing, we do offer proration. If you are changing your subscription plan, the date on which you upgrade or downgrade will become your new billing date. Whatever amount you've already paid will be prorated and added as a subscription credit to your account. You will then be billed the full amount for the next year or month. 


Change Your Insurance Package

On the Insurance Packages page you'll see the different claim packages with pricing information. 



When you upgrade to a claim package, you will immediately be charged the monthly fee for the number of claims you selected (i.e. $6 for 25 claims). 

If you are switching from a claim package with a set number of claims per month to the Pay as you go option the change will take effect at the conclusion of your current claim package.  


Note: If your card expires or there's trouble charging your card, you will no longer see the "Edit Payment Information" link on your Billing Information page. Instead, you'll find the following notification at the top of your calendar page:


You must click the link on the link that says  "Please update your billing information" in order to reach the Update Payment Information screen. 

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