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Cancelling your account

Cancelling your account

We hate to see you leave SimplePractice. If you're having trouble with something or there's a feature you want but it seems we don't have it, send us a help request so we can work with you. 

If you're set on cancelling, you'll need to cancel your own account. We can't cancel your account for you because of the security policies outlined in our Terms of Service.

When you cancel your account, the Account Owner will have a 30-day window where they can log into a limited version of SimplePractice to perform a data export. We highly recommend that you export your data to store outside of SimplePractice. This guide will walk you through:

Cancelling your account

Follow the steps below to cancel your account: 


  • You'll be offered a free personalized video call session for any additional assistance you may need


  • If you select No, Please Cancel My Account, you'll then be asked to select a reason for cancellation and leave any feedback you may have 
  • Click Next 


  • On the next page, you'll have the option to Export Your Data 

Important: We strongly recommend that you Export Your Data. Before you delete your account, make sure that you open and save the file somewhere secure so that it's accessible to you later on. Once your account is deleted, you will not be able to retrieve your data. 


  • Click Next after you receive the data export via email and have opened the file to check that you have all of your data


  • On the next page, you must read and check all of the statements to indicate that you've acknowledged them 
  • Enter Delete My Account and Data exactly as you see it in the field to proceed 
  • Click Delete My Account to permanently delete your SimplePractice account and all of the data included in it  


Note: You can click Please do not delete my account during any step to go back to your SimplePractice account and stop the cancellation process.

30-day post-cancellation window

When you initially cancel your SimplePractice account, the account will enter a post-cancellation state for 30 days. During this timeframe, the Account Owner will be able to export their data in this limited version of their SimplePractice account. Here is what the post-cancellation state looks like:


The Account Owner will also have the option to waive this post-cancellation window if they'd like.

Opting out of the 30-day post-cancellation window

If you need to use your email address for a different SimplePractice account, you can choose to opt out of the 30-day post-cancellation window. After you delete your account by following the above steps, sign back into SimplePractice using your previous login information. Then, follow these steps to waive your cancellation window:

  • Click Waive Cancellation Window


  • Type the phrase 'Waive My Grace Period' in the text slot and click Confirm


Note: This section is case-sensitive, so you will need to type 'Waive My Grace Period' exactly as it is shown.

Waiving this window will free up your email address so that you can use it with a different SimplePractice account without having to wait 30 days.

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