Refunds, referrals, changing plans, and upgrading your SimplePractice trial account


SimplePractice provides a free 30 day trial and then is either a month-to-month or year-to-year, pay-as-you-go service and we do not provide refunds.

You can cancel the service at any time, but you are responsible for any charges already incurred.


Referrals for using SimplePractice for FREE

We’ve made it incredibly easy for you to refer your colleagues and earn $50 credits on your subscription plan. All you have to do is use our automated referral system that is located in your SimplePractice account. You can invite people right from SimplePractice, and even send your custom referral link to your Twitter followers or Facebook friends.

If colleagues you invite sign up with a paid SimplePractice account, you get a $50 credit and so do they... Simple!

Just make sure that your colleague clicks on the referral link before creating a free trial account.

You can learn more about how to Refer a Friend here.


Changing plans and upgrading SimplePractice trial accounts

You are in control of which plan you use and you can change at any time. If you are in the Essential Plan and switch to Professional, your account will be debited the pro-rated difference. If you later decide to go back to a lower plan, your account will be credited the pro-rated difference. You can change plans as often as you like. To compare plans, please see our Pricing page. You can find instructions for updating and upgrading your plan in this guide: SimplePractice Billing Information.

 Note: SimplePractice accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club cards.


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