Adding a clinician, scheduler, biller or supervisor

Adding team members (Clinicians with Administrative Privileges, clinicians, billers, schedulers, supervisors) is available with the Professional for Groups Plan. You can add as many schedulers, billers, and supervisors as you would like for free, but Clinicians with Administrative Privileges and Clinicians are added at a monthly rate per person.  Click here to see our SimplePractice plans and pricing.

With the Professional Plan, you can grant clinical administrators, clinicians, schedulers, billers, and supervisors secure access to your SimplePractice account. As an account owner, you will have access to add clinicians. If you are a clinical administrator, contact the account owner to add additional clinicians.

Each team member you add will be able to create her own unique login credentials so that she can access the appropriate sections of your SimplePractice account.

While you can add as many team members in these roles as you'd like, it's important to know that each individual must use a unique email address when creating her login credentials. This means, for example, that your scheduler and biller cannot use the same email address. You can however assign multiple roles to one team member. This is helpful if your scheduler and biller are the same person.



How to Add a Team Member

1) Go to My Account > Settings > Team Members.



2) From the Team Members area, click on "Add Team Member."


3) Enter your team members one at a time. You'll enter the first name, last name, and email address, making sure to use a unique email address for each team member you add.

Select which role or multiple roles the team member will have.

4) Click "Add Team Member."


Note: when adding a Clinicians with Administrative Access, Clinician, or Supervisor, you will also be able to add their Clinician Information at this point. This is optional, and you can always update this info later. 

5) Your new team member will receive a welcome email with a link to create their own unique username and password for access to your account.


6) Make sure your new team member creates their account using the same email address where they received the invitation. This is the same email address you used when adding them as a team member.

7) Once your new team member completes their account by entering a unique username and password, they will be logged in and ready to help manage your SimplePractice account!

To learn what areas of your account each team member has permission to access read these articles:

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