Team Members: Schedulers, Billers, and Supervisors


Adding team members (billers, schedulers, supervisors) is available with the Professional Plan. Click here to see SimplePractice plans and pricing.

We make it simple to give your biller, scheduler and supervisor secure access to the parts of your SimplePractice account that they need. Each type of team member has a unique level of access within your account based on the role they perform. This article outlines the permissions granted to each team member role.

To learn how to add a team member (scheduler, biller, or supervisor) so that they have secure access to your account, read this article: How to add a Scheduler, Biller, or Supervisor to your account.

**Note: For security purposes, Schedulers, Billers, and Supervisors do not have access to the mobile app. Only Clinicians have this access. 

In this Article:

1. How a Team Member Logs in
2. Supervisor Permissions
3. Biller Permissions
4. Scheduler Permissions


How do Supervisors, Billers and Schedulers Log in?

All team members log into your SimplePractice account from the same place as you: They can reach this page by bookmarking it in their browser, or by going to the SimplePractice homepage and clicking the Sign In button in the upper right.

Once on the login page, they will enter the username and password they created when setting themselves up as a team member on your account.

If you haven't already, make sure you add your team member (scheduler, biller, or supervisor): How to add a Scheduler, Biller, or Supervisor to your account.


Supervisor Permissions

When a supervisor logs into your SimplePractice account, they will have access to certain areas of the account required for supervision like signing and locking notes.


Once a note is signed by a supervisor, the electronic signature at the bottom of the note will update:


Supervisors have permission to:

  • See the calendar view
  • View the client list and edit clients
  • View and co-sign notes as a supervisor
  • View and update/attach documents to a note
  • Upload client documents
  • View reminders


Biller Permissions

When a biller logs into your account, they will only be able to access the billing features and the client list. They will not have access to your account settings, calendar, client notes or any clinical information beyond the client diagnosis.

The biller's navigation list in your SimplePractice account excludes the Calendar section and looks like this:

Billers have permission to:

  • Create and edit billing documents: statements, superbills, CMS 1500 claim forms.
  • View client diagnoses.
  • Manage client account balances.
  • Add insurance payments.
  • Submit insurance claims.
  • View payment reports.
  • Add and modify client contact and demographic information.
  • View account activity.
  • Access reminders.
  • Access Insights.


Scheduler Permissions

When a scheduler logs into your account, they will only be able to access the scheduling-related features. They will not have access to your account settings or to any clinical information, such as diagnoses, notes, or treatment plans. They also will not have access to any of the billing features so they are not able to view client balances or collect payments.

The scheduler's navigation list in your SimplePractice account excludes the Billing and Insights sections and looks like this:


Schedulers have permission to:

  • Create clients and edit existing client information.
  • Create and modify appointments in the calendar.
  • Modify a clinician's availability* calendar.
  • View account activity.
  • Access Reminders.

*Note: a Clinician with Administrator Access will have to set up the Client Portal and Online Booking preferences before a scheduler can help manage availability. See this article for details: Getting started with online booking

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