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Clearing your browser cache

Clearing your browser cache

All web browsers store information from websites you visit regularly to speed up the time a page takes to load. Sometimes it can cause a problem when websites are updated because files saved in the cache may conflict with what's coded into the website. We recommend clearing your cache regularly to prevent any issues.

In this guide we’ll cover:


To clear your browser cache in Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • In the top right, click the 3 vertical dots
  • Click More Tools > Clear Browsing Data…
  • In the dialog that appears, select the boxes for the types of information that you want to remove
    • Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data you want to delete 
    • Select All time to delete everything
  • Select the box for Cached images and files
  • To keep yourself signed into all other websites, uncheck Cookies and other site data


  • Click Clear data

Tip: For the best experience using SimplePractice, we recommend using Chrome as your browser. 


To clear your browser cache in Safari:

  • Open Safari
  • In the menu bar, click Safari > Preferences
  • Click Advanced
  • Select the checkbox for Show Develop menu in menu bar


  • Return to the menu bar
  • Click Develop > Empty Caches


To clear your browser cache in Firefox:

  • Open Firefox
  • In the top right, click the 3 horizontal line
  • Choose Settings
  • Select Privacy & Security
  • Scroll down to Cookies and Site Data
  • Select Clear Data…


  • Check the box for Cached Web Content, leaving Cookies and Site Data unchecked
  • Click Clear

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