Checking for unbilled sessions


SimplePractice makes it easy to check for sessions that haven't been included in claims. This is the easiest way to generate CMS 1500 (HCFA) claim forms and will save you a ton of time.

Just go to Billing > Insurance and you'll land on the Unbilled Sessions page:

Here you'll see clients who's billing type is set to "Insurance Pays Me" and who have outstanding sessions that aren't included on a CMS claim form.

When a client's billing type is set to "Insurance Pays Me," SimplePractice knows that you'll need to put the client's billable session into a CMS claim form eventually- on this page we've made it really easy to do that.

On the left you'll see the number of unbilled sessions for each client. If you click on the blue circle on the right, you can view those unbilled sessions:


The next step is to auto-generate claims for these clients. Read this article to learn how: Create batch claims.

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