Appointments missing from an insurance payment


If you’re adding an insurance payment and the appointments you expect to see aren’t showing up it means one of three things:

  1. The date range is not set correctly:

Incorrect date range in SImplePractice


  1. The appointment's Billing Type isn’t set to “Insurance pays me.”

Read more about setting the session billing type here.


  1. You haven’t assigned the appropriate insurance company to your clients.

Find the client whose appointment isn’t showing up and check their billing and insurance page to make sure the appropriate insurance company is selected in their profile. Read more about setting up billing for an insurance client here.

When adding an insurance payment, it's best to add it from the client's billing details page:

Add an insurance payment is located in the Insurance info section of the client's Billing Page in SimplePractice


This will automatically assign the correct payer connected to your client's insurance provider.


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