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Adding a client’s secondary insurance

If our continuing efforts to enhance our secondary claims feature, we are asking providers to submit secondary claims outside of SimplePractice so they can get paid as soon as possible. Please review this guide and reach out to our Insurance Team if you have any questions: A message from your Insurance Team

How to add a client's secondary insurance:

  1. Navigate to your client's profile and click Edit > Billing and Insurance tab.
  2. Click the + Insurance Info button.
  3. Under Insurance Type, select the Secondary Insurance bubble.
  4. Fill out all the other relevant information and when possible, upload the front and back of the client's insurance card.
  5. Click Save and you're all set.

Now you will be able to record reimbursements from the secondary insurance as well as create CMS 1500 claim forms within SimplePractice.

To learn how to create an auto-generated CMS 1500 claim form for secondary insurance read this article: Creating claims for secondary insurance

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