Adding a client’s secondary insurance


If you plan to file secondary claims online, make sure the client's secondary insurance is on file before you electronically submit the primary claim.

To add a client's secondary insurance information:

1) Go to the Billing and Insurance tab on the client's Edit Info page.

2) Click the +Insurance Info button.

Click the +Insurance info button on Insurance info page to start adding client's secondary insurance information in SimplePractice


3) Set the Type to "Secondary"

Adding a client's secondary insurance information in SimplePractice


4) Fill out all the other relevant information, including the client's relationship to the insured, and the insurance name from the drop down list.

5) Click Save and you're all set.

Now you will be able to record reimbursements from the secondary insurance as well as create CMS claim forms and file online claims with this secondary insurance company.

To learn how to create an auto-generated CMS 1500 claim form for secondary insurance read this article: Create CMS 1500 claims for secondary insurance.

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