Submitting enrollments for claim filing and payment reports



For many payers, you can start submitting electronic claims through SimplePractice immediately, even when you're in a free trial. After your trial it is available on the Professional Plan. However, many payers will require that you enroll first (i.e. set up the connection with the payer to file claims electronically) 

*Enrollment is available on a paid plan and with at least one client using that particular payer. 

This article will walk you through the enrollment process so you can claim file and receive electronic payment reports through SimplePractice.

Please also read this article with key FAQ's about enrollment!


1. Determine if your insurance payers require enrollment

2. Enter payer information into your client's profile

3. Complete required enrollments 

Step 1: Determine which of your payers require enrollment

You can quickly and easily locate the insurance payers you work with and assess if they will require you to enroll to submit claims electronically.

*Payment reports, if available from a payer, will always require enrollment.

Go to My Account > Settings > Insurance Providers

In the text field, begin typing your payers name to locate your payer.


Keep in mind that many insurance providers may be listed under a single payer, so don't worry if there is a large grouping of names with your payer.

Check the Claim Filing Enrollment and Payment Reports tabs to determine if enrollment will be required.  

Here are the designations you may see:

Not Required: Enrollment is not required for this payer.  Go ahead and start submitting claims right away, even in your trial!  

Paid Account Required: This means that enrollment IS required, but you are not yet on a paid account with SimplePractice.  Upgrade in order to initiate the enrollment process.

No Clients on File: You are on a paid account, but have not yet entered this payer into any of your client profiles.  Enrollment requires a paid account and at least one client using the payer in order to enroll.
PR's Not Supported: Payment reports are not available for this payer.  You will receive paper EOB's.
+Enroll: Click on the +enroll button in order to complete the simple application form to your payer.  We handle the rest!


Step 2: Enter payer information into your client's profile

Now that you have assessed your payers' enrollment requirements, you can enter your client insurance information into their profiles if you haven't already done so.

Go to Client Profile > Edit Client Info

Click on the "Billing & Insurance" tab.

Enter your payers either by payer ID (from step 1) or by typing in the keywords for the payer. 



Step 3. Complete required enrollments

Now that you are have entered client information, you need to go back to your settings and enroll for the payers that require enrollment.

Go to My Account > Settings > Insurance Providers

Click on the "Enrollments" Tab 

Any payers that you have entered into clients' profiles will now appear in this list.  Check the statuses in the "Claim Filing" and "Payment Reports" columns to see which payers you can enroll with.


Click the +Enroll Link where available.

Fill out the Enrollment fields. (Note: The Ptan field is only required for Medicare enrollment)



Create an electronic signature by holding down your mouse button or writing with your finger on a tablet.

When finished, click the Submit/Update Payer Enrollment button.
This will submit your request to enroll for either claim filing, payment reports, or both.

You'll see this confirmation message:



Once your Enrollment Request is Submitted

You can view all your enrollments and enrollment request statuses in the Enrollments tab.

Typically it takes 1-8 weeks for insurance payers to process your enrollment request. Medicare, Medicaid and some other payers can take up to 8+ weeks.  Please email us at if you are coming up on 8 weeks with no response.

Once your enrollment request is accepted, you'll receive an email informing you of the update.

You'll also see the status change from "Submitted" to "Accepted" in the Enrollment section of the practice settings. When this happens, you're ready to file claims through SimplePractice!




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