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Checking enrollment status

Note: Many payers, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Medicare/Medicaid, typically take 4-8 weeks to process enrollments.

Once you submit an enrollment, check out this article to see how long (in weeks) you can expect to wait for your enrollment to be processed. Keep in mind that SimplePractice has no control over this part of the process.

How can I check on the status of an enrollment?

  • You can check the Enrollments page (Go to My Account > Settings > Insurance Payers > Enrollmentsto check on the status of your enrollments.
  • You will also receive email updates from SimplePractice when the insurance company updates your enrollment status.

Note: If your enrollment was accepted, but you can't file claims see this guide: What should I do if I receive an enrollment approval from the payer, but I still can't file these claims through SimplePractice? If your enrollment is rejected, you can learn more about re-enrolling here: What to do if your enrollment is rejected

Checking the status of your enrollments in SimplePractice

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