Monthly Billing - Best Practices


You are probably a monthly biller if:

  • You don't want to manage financial transactions immediately before, after, or in session
  • You prefer a more hands-off approach to billing
  • You want to generate a monthly invoice that you can easily send out to your clients
  • You only want to collect payment once per month from a client
  • You want a way to notify your clients easily when their invoice is more than 30 days past due 

If this is you, let us walk you through the easiest way to manage monthly billing!  

Adjust your Billing Settings for monthly invoice generation.

Under Settings > Billing and Services > Automatic Billing Document Generation, make sure the "Invoices" box is checked and then select to generate invoices "on the first day of the month."


If your client needs insurance reimbursement, you can also select to auto-generate to send Superbills as well just below the Invoice settings.

If you don't want to automatically generate these billing documents, you can always create these documents manually.


Next, select the default delivery method for new clients.

To automate the process and reduce additional steps, select "email" or "client portal." This delivery method will determine how your new clients receive their billing documents. You can always change this setting later for individual clients.

If you select Manual, the invoice will be created, and then you will be required to print or email the documents manually.  

Read more about Billing Settings at the practice level.


Now, set up your appointments in the calendar as usual.  

Remember that until sessions are put on an invoice, the client's balance will reflect "uninvoiced sessions."

Example:  You bill $150 per session on 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/23.  As those sessions pass, the "uninvoiced" amount will increase.  


However, on the 1st of the following month, after the invoice is generated, your client's balance will now increase to $600 and the uninvoiced amount will return to $0. 



If you have selected to have the invoice automatically delivered via email the invoice will be sent as an email attachment to the client.

If you've selected to have the invoice automatically delivered via client portal, an email notification will now be sent to your client notifying them that there's a new billing document available to them in the client portal. 

Finally, if you are generating invoices MANUALLY, you can choose to print and mail the invoice.  

Go to Billing > Billing Documents. Select the type of billing document you wish to send: Invoice, Statement, and/or Superbill.   

Click "Apply Filters."

You can then check the small box beside the individual documents you want to generate. Then click the "Export PDF" button to download the billing documents to your computer for printing and/or mailing.   


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