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How can I add sales tax to an invoice?


Many SimplePractice customers would like to add sales tax to their invoices.  While this is something that our program is not able to automatically calculate for you just yet, you can create a Sales Tax "Product" and then add that to any invoice.


1. First go to My Account > Settings > Billing and Services > Products and enter a customer "Sales Tax" code that works for you.

Here you can enter a $0 price, as adjust this amount on the individual invoice based on the session's fee.

Entering a customer Sales Tax code in SimplePractice


2. Now go back to your client's profile and generate an Invoice.  

3. Click "Edit" to customize the invoice and the "Add Line Item" button to enter your sales tax line item.  

4. Click "Add." Then click on the "x" to go back to the invoice.

Add Line Item button in SimplePractice


Adding sales tax as a line item on an invoice in SimplePractice


5. Now enter the amount of the sales tax in the "Amount" box and click "Save" at the top of the invoice.  After you hit "save", the total will adjust based on what you have entered.

Sales tax added as a line item on an invoice in SimplePractice

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