Adding a Diagnosis to a Superbill



This article will walk you through adding a diagnosis from a client's profile.  

Follow these steps to ensure that the diagnosis will appear on any billing documents:

1) Go to Client Profile > Click on Create > Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

2) Add the client's diagnosis. 

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the date of the diagnosis is set prior to the appointment date.

3) Click Save Diagnosis & Treatment Plan. 

4) Now you can create the superbill.  Click here to read how. 



Important Details:
1. In order for the diagnosis code to show, it needs to be dated previous to when the appointment occurred.  When you edit the diagnosis, you will have the option to edit the date (see below) 


 If the appointment was on 6/1/17 at 4pm, the Diagnosis will need to be dated at least 1 minute prior (6/1/17 at 3:59 pm) for the appointment to show up on a Superbill or note. 

2. Currently only the first diagnosis will show on a Superbill or claim form.  You cannot add more than one diagnosis to a Superbill, though that is something that will change in the future. 

Note: You can add multiple diagnoses if needed.


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