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Changing "Make payments to" on a superbill

Changing "Make payments to" on a superbill

Superbills can be customized so that the provider, practice, client, or the primary insured individual can be reimbursed from the insurance payer. 

Note: See Creating superbills to learn how to create a superbill. 

The following steps can show you how to change the Make payments to field on superbills: 

  • Navigate to the client's Overview page 
  • Click Edit details > Billing and Insurance tab


  • Select the individual you want in the For Superbills, send Payment to dropdown 


  • Click Save Client  

If your client is a minor or dependent, make sure to select the appropriate option for Who is the Primary Insured? and enter the Primary Insured's information. 


The selection from the For Superbills, send Payment to dropdown will appear at the bottom of the superbill in the Make payments to field. 



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