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Appointment Status Report: Checking the billing and documentation status for appointments

Appointment Status Report: Checking the billing and documentation status for appointments

The Appointment Status Report details the financial and documentation status of every appointment in your practice. This report allows you to easily see client billing, insurance billing, and documentation history for a client, including identifying discrepancies so that you can make the corrections you need. In this guide, we’ll cover:

Accessing the Appointment Status Report

You can access the Appointment Status Report from two locations: 


Note: If you access the Appointment Status Report from a client's Overview page, the report will only include that specific client's billing and appointment history.

Viewing the Appointment Status Report for a specific client

When viewing a specific client’s Appointment Status Report, the default view shows you the appointment details as well as the client's financial

Set the appointments you'd like to display by adjusting the date range. You can also filter which appointments are displayed based on their status by clicking All > Paid, Unpaid, Uninvoiced/Unbilled, or Overpaid.


You can select …More > Include Insurance to display the Insurance Responsibility section of the report and/or …More > Include Documentation to display the section of the report that details the Progress Note Status.

Additionally, if you've created a claim for an appointment, you'll see a Details link under the Insurance Responsibility section if Include Insurance is selected.


Clicking Details for an appointment will take you to a consolidated Payment overview page. This page will give you access to Payment Report(s) if they're available. It also includes direct links to the insurance payments associated with the appointment you're viewing, so you can make any adjustments if necessary. You can identify an appointment that has an issue and make the adjustments from this report by clicking the relevant insurance payment link. 

Billers viewing the Appointment Status Report

In group practices, Billers can access this report to view the status of an appointment’s progress note. When Billers navigate to Reports > Appointment status, they can click …More > Include Documentation. A column will appear to view the Progress Note Status for each appointment.


Note: Billers are unable to view the contents of progress notes. They only have access to this report to see whether progress notes have been completed or not.

You can find each Progress Note Status meaning below:

Progress Note Status


No note

There isn’t a note written for this appointment.


This note has been written and saved, but it hasn’t been signed by the clinician.


This note has been signed by the supervisee, but is waiting for their Supervisor’s review and signature.


This note has been locked and signed by the clinician and their Supervisor, if they’re pre-licensed.

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