Session Billing Status Report: Finding unpaid sessions

 The Session Billing Status Report tells you in detail the financial status of every session in your practice. This report allows you to easily see the billing history for a client - including identifying billing discrepancies so that you can make the corrections you need.

You can access the Session Billing Status Report from two locations:
1. Go to your calendar homepage > Insights 
2. Go to At-A-Glance on a client's Overview Page > Session Billing Status Report

Note: Accessing the Session Billing Status Report from a client's Overview Page will only detail that specific client's billing history.

The default view of this report shows you the session details as well as the client's financial responsibility.

Set the sessions you'd like to display by adjusting the date range.  You can also filter which sessions are displayed based on their status: Paid, Unpaid, Unbilled, and Overpaid.

You can click "Include Insurance" to display the Insurance Responsibility section of the report. 

Filter sessions by individual client by clicking on the client's name. On this page, you will notice that every session has a Details link attached to it. Note that the Details link will only show up when you select to include insurance information. 

By clicking on the Details of each session, you will have access to a consolidated Payment Overview page for each session. This page will give you access to Payment Reports (if available). It also includes direct links to the insurance payments associated with the session you're viewing, so you can easily make any adjustments if necessary.


You can easily identify a session that has an issue and make the adjustments from this report.

Sessions.gifFinally, following these steps is often recommended to identify and fix billing discrepancies related to invoices using the Session Billing Status Report:

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