Exporting private practice billing data to Quickbooks or Excel


Note: The Quickbooks online web app no longer uses the Quickbooks file format. If you are trying to upload your SimplePractice data to the online version of Quickbooks, you'll want to use the SimplePractice CSV export outlined here.

If you need to export a spreadsheet of all your transactions for accounting purposes, you can do that from the Billing section. Here's how:

  1. From the main billing page, click Export Transactions.

  2. Choose the date range of transactions you'd like to export and then choose either CSV spreadsheet, or Quickbooks, as shown below.
  3. Click Generate Export.

The exported data will contain the date, transaction type, amount, and name of the client. This file contains protected health information (PHI), so be sure to manage it with care. 

Note: Some versions of QuickBooks might not accept our version of this report. In those cases, you will need to enter this information manually into your QB account. 

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