How to share documents with existing clients

Through the Client Portal, you can share documents (i.e., homework, questionnaires, articles) with clients. Sharing documents is easy and can be done from the client's overview page.

Note: Before sharing a document, you will need to add the document to your account. Review How to add forms/documents for sharing if you are unsure of the process.

  1. To share a document, click on your client's name and locate the "Shared" area of their profile.docshare-1.png
  2. Click Share New. You will be presented with a template email, where you can select which documents you wish to send to your client, as shown below:docshare-2.png
  3. Select the documents that you wish to share and then click Send message. Your client will receive an email with the portal link, alerting them that they have new documents to complete.
  4. When your client logs into the portal using your unique practice link (or from the email you sent them when you shared the documents), they will see all the pending and completed documents that you have shared. This helps them easily track what they need to complete and send back to you. Here is the Client View of the Client Portal Documents Tab:Documents.png
  5. Once your client has completed the requested documents, you can locate the completed forms in:
  • Stored Documents: uploaded documents, PDF's, Signed practice documents
  • List/Excerpt view of the client profile: Any forms/questionnaires a client has filled out

Important Details to Know:

  • You cannot re-send documents that are already waiting in the client portal to be completed or that are partly finished.  Your client can always log in to complete any outstanding forms. You can also delete and re-send the forms if you want them to fill them out again.
  • If your client forgets their password, they can click on "forgot password" from the client portal to have a reset link sent to them.



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