Adding a new client


We wanted to make the task of adding a new client simple and seamless. For this reason, we've made it possible for you to add clients from every page within your account, or you can create a client while scheduling their first session.

How to add a client from the blue navigation bar

  1. Click +Create at the top of your page. You can do this on any SimplePractice page.
  2. Select Create Client. You will be taken to the Add Client page where you'll be asked for basic demographic and contact information.
  3. Click Save.

FYI: If the new client is a minor, select Minor to add their parent or guardian's information.


How to add a client while creating a new appointment

  1. Click +Create. (Alternatively, you can click anywhere on the calendar to bring up the new appointment flyout.)
  2. Click +Appointment.
  3. Click +New Client. as shown below.createclient-2.png
  4. Fields will display for you to enter the client information.
  5. Remember to select Send Intake Form if you wish to invite the client to fill out the intake forms and client information.
  6. Click Add this Client. You'll then be presented with the appointment flyout where you can make any changes.
  7. Click Done to save the appointment.


Additional tips when adding a new client

  • If you have another clinician on your account, you will also be able to set the Primary Clinician for this client and decide if you would like to grant access to any secondary clinicians. For additional information, see Permissions for clinicians with administrative privileges, account owners, and clinicians.
  • If you have your Client Portal turned on, you will see the option to Send Intake Documents. If you leave this box checked, you will be required to fill in their name, email, and select the intake questionnaire you wish to send them. The intake portal welcome email will be sent once you create the client. More information about setting up your Client Portal can be found here. 
  • If you do not wish to invite the client to use the portal, unselect Send Intake Documents and fill out the rest of the client information. Once you create the client, you can edit and add information whenever you wish from the client's edit info page.

Adding a minor client 

Here's how to add a minor client: 

  1. Click +Create or while setting up the initial appointment by selecting the Client is a minor, as shown below.createclient-4.png
  2. This will open a form to enter the parent or guardian information.

Note: For more information, see the article on minor clients.


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