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How to send billing documents to a minor's guardian
How to set up appointment reminders for a minor
Intake portal and minors 
How do I send the intake portal to both a teen client and a parent/guardian?

How to email billing documents to a minor's guardian

Billing documents will be emailed to the minor client's guardian.

In order for the email button to appear on a statement or superbill, you will need to include the parent/guardian email in the contacts tab of the minor client's settings. This information will usually be added when you create a new client. For info about creating a new client, click here.

Additionally, if you would like the address for minors also on a superbill, you will be able to do so by adding the parent's address in the contacts tab of the minor client's settings as well.

How to set up appointment reminders for a minor

By default, appointment reminders will be sent to the primary (first) phone number and/or email address listed on the minor client's Info page.

Be sure to enter the responsible party's email and phone number and indicate that it's OK to contact via text, voice message, or email in order to send the appointment reminders.minorclients-1.png

If you want to send reminders to both a parent AND the child

We suggest that you select either voice/text or email for each of the parent and child. There is not currently a way to send both kinds of reminders to both parent and child. You can certainly send the voice/text to the parent and an email to the child or vice versa. Just make sure that the fields in the client info page are correct to make this happen!

Intake portal and minors

Creating a minor client is much the same as creating an adult client.  

Click here for the step-by-step guide to create a new client. 

When adding your client, make sure to select the Client is a minor check box. This will allow you to add the Client's guardian so they receive the intake.


Once your client's guardian accepts the invitation and sets up portal access, you will be able to send them intake documents. 

The name that is entered for the guardian will be used for the electronic signature on all of these practice documents.

Note: For information about Client Portal access for families, please refer to this article: Client Portal access for families.


Note: If you disable access for the Guardian after they have been invited initially, you will need to add their email address to the client's email. Click here to learn more.

How do I send the intake portal to both a teen client and a parent/guardian?

Currently you can send the practice documents and intake to only one email address within a client account.  

If you wish to have a minor client (i.e., teen) fill out the intake as well as the parent, the best solution is to have your client or the parent fill out the intake portal link and then have the other person fill out an intake by hand.  Once you scan the document, you can then upload it into the child's profile.  

Click here for information about how to upload documents.


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