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Adding a supervisor to SimplePractice

Note:  You can invite a supervisor to access your SimplePractice account with their own unique login credentials.

There's a few steps you'll need to take to add your supervisor and make sure they are assigned to you:

1. Add the Supervisor

2. Assign the Supervisor to yourself as an Intern

3. How your Supervisor logs in

1. How to add a supervisor and assign the Supervisor Role

You can give your supervisor access to your account by following these steps:

1) Go to My Account > Settings and click Team Members.

Click Team Members to begin adding a supervisor in SimplePractice


2) Click Add Team Member 

3) Enter your supervisor's name and email, and make sure to check the Supervisor box.

Important: if your supervisor has access to more than one SimplePractice account, they will be required to use a unique email account for each intern or trainee account they have access to.

Assigning the supervisor role in SimplePractice


4) A menu will open where you can input your supervisor's License, License Type, and NPI # (optional).

You can input your supervisor's information in SimplePractice


5) Click Add Team Member to complete this page. You will be taken to a screen with a list of team members connected to your account.

List of team members that are connected to your account in SimplePractice


2. Assign the Supervisor to yourself as an intern

1. Click on the Team Members section.

2. Click on yourself in the Team Members list.

3. Select Pre-licensed Under Supervision. This check box will only be available if you have added a Supervisor. If you haven't added the supervisor, go back to the first step in this process.

4. Once that box is selected, use the drop down box to assign the supervisor to yourself.

5. Once the supervisor is selected, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Save.

Update Team Member button in SimplePractice

3. How supervisors log in

Your supervisor will receive an email asking them to create a unique login to access your account:

Email asking supervisor to log into SimplePractice


Once your supervisor clicks on the link they will be asked to create a unique username and password for access to your account.

Supervisors must create a unique log-in to get into SimplePractice

Important details to know:

  • Your supervisor must use an email address that is unique within SimplePractice. If your supervisor has their own personal SimplePractice account, they must use a different email address when creating a login to access each account they have supervisor access to so they can supervise each intern, trainee, and/or clinician.
  • Make sure to sign and share your notes so that your supervisor is able to view them to sign them. Keep in mind that once you lock your notes, you will not be able to edit them.
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