Using SimplePractice on a tablet

You can use the SimplePractice website from your iPad or Android tablet. Many of our current members choose to do this for the convenience of running their practice while away from the office computer.


To make the site faster to access from a tablet, just create a shortcut to from your tablet's home screen (aka desktop). Here's how:


On iPad:

1) Open Safari and go to the SimplePractice login page:

2) Create a shortcut by tapping the Share icon in the upper left corner of Safari.

3) Then tap Add to Home Screen.

This will create a SimplePractice icon on your Home Screen that will take you to SimplePractice with just one tap.



On Android:

1) Open your browser and go to the SimplePractice login page:

2) Tap the Menu button - On many Android devices it’s the three vertical dots at the top of your screen.

3) Tap the Star symbol.

4) Select the Folder where you want to save this Bookmark and tap Save.

5) Tap the Menu button again and tap Bookmarks.

6) Locate the Bookmark you just created and press and hold on it to display a new menu.

7) Tap "Add to Home Screen." 


Your new shortcut is now right on your home screen alongside your other apps. Anytime you want to access SimplePractice, just tap this shortcut and you'll be taken directly to your account. 




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