Best practices for mobile iPhone security

The SimplePractice mobile app is designed to help you manage your practice on the go! We've made our mobile app with security in mind. We also want to give you a few recommendations to make sure you're keeping your practice and client data safe and secure.

We recommend the following security settings for your iPhone:

  • Auto lock enabled: We recommend setting the auto lock features to 3 minutes or less. You can set this in the Passcode settings.
  • Data erase theft protection: All iPhone data will erase after 10 failed passcode attempts. You can set this in the Passcode settings. (Don't worry, you can always restore the data from a backup. Just make sure your phone is being regularly backed up.)

For greater security, we also recommend these additional iPhone security measures:

  • Keep your phone updated to the latest iOS software. These updates contain security updates from Apple that help keep your phone and any data stored on the phone safe from security threats.
Note: You can also perform a Security Checkup. Learn more here: SimplePractice mobile app troubleshooting
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