Adding a credit card to a client's file

There are many ways to add a credit card to a client's file in SimplePractice. There's no card reader or swiper required!

Note: Some of these methods will store the card so that it can easily be used later. Other methods will allow you to add a client's card and instantly run it. The card will then be stored on file.

Adding & Storing a Client's Card (without running it)

With a card in hand, you can easily add the number to your client's profile (option A). You can also request a client's credit card info along with your client intake (option B). 

A. Adding a card to the Edit Client Info > Billing and Insurance page.

1. From the CLIENT DETAIL page, select the EDIT CLIENT INFO link.

2. Select the BILLING AND INSURANCE tab.

3. In the CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS section, click the + ADD CREDIT CARD button and enter the card information in the fields provided.




Your client's card will now be stored in their file!


B. Requesting Credit Card info from your Client via the Client Portal. 

You can do this either as part of your client intake, or at any time, once your client has activated their Client Portal account. This article will help walk you through the steps: Requesting Credit Card Info via the Client Portal

Changing a client's default card

The first card that you add for a client will automatically be selected as their Default Card. If you add multiple cards to a file and want to change the default, follow these steps: 

1. Go to 

1. Select the Change Default link


2. Select which card you want to be the default and then click the Change Default Card button.

Removing a credit card

To delete a credit card from the client's file just click the grey trashcan to the right of the card number. That's it!

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