Adding and Running Client Credit Cards


You can add a client credit card in three places in SimplePractice.


1. From the Calendar page while adding a payment

From the appointment details window, after you click the ADD PAYMENT link, you can select STRIPE from your list of payment options.

Enter the CARD NUMBER, EXPIRATION DATE, and CVC CODE. Then enter the AMOUNT and click the ADD PAYMENT button.



2. From the Billing Detail Page while adding a payment.

Select STRIPE from your list of payment options. Enter the CARD NUMBEREXPIRATION DATE, and CVC CODE. Then enter the AMOUNT and click the ADD PAYMENT button.

3. From the Edit Client/Insurance and Billing page

1. From the CLIENT DETAIL page, select the EDIT CLIENT INFO link.

2. Select the BILLING AND INSURANCE tab.

3. In the CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS section, select the + ADD CREDIT CARD button and enter the card information in the fields provided.



Changing the default card

Select the Change Default link

Select which card you want to be the default and then click the Change Default Card button.

Removing a credit card

To delete a credit card from the client's file just click the grey trashcan to the right of the card number. 

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