Refer-a-Friend: SimplePractice referral program

We’ve made it easy for you to refer your colleagues and earn $50 credits for your subscription plan. All you have to do is use our automated referral system within your SimplePractice account. You can invite people directly from your SimplePractice account, or send your custom referral link to your Twitter followers or Facebook friends.

If colleagues you invite sign up for a paid SimplePractice account after their trial, you get a $50 credit and so do they. You can learn more about how our Refer-a-Friend program works here:


Referrals are managed automatically through the referral link in your account, so be sure that your colleagues sign up for a trial SimplePractice account by clicking your unique link.

You can copy the instructions in the next section to share along with your referral link to your colleagues. If your colleague chooses a paid subscription of SimplePractice after their 30 day trial, both you and the colleague will receive a free $50 subscription credit. 

Make sure that your colleague understands the instructions because the referral link is the only way we can track your referrals and credits. 

Instructions to colleague

Be sure that you click on the referral link before creating your free trial account with SimplePractice. Once you're ready to sign up for a free 30 day trial, follow these steps so that we can both earn a $50 subscription credit: 

  1. Click the referral link. This will take you to the SimplePractice website. 
  2. Click the orange Start My Free Trial button. 
  3. Fill out and submit the Sign Up form to create your free 30 day trial account. 

You're all set! If you decide to become a paid SimplePractice member at the end of your 30 day free trial, we'll both receive a $50 credit toward our SimplePractice subscriptions. 

How do I find my referral link?

  • Click the Earn free credit! button


  • Enter your colleague's email address 


  • Click Send Invite

Tip: Alternatively, you can copy the unique link to share it on your Twitter, Facebook, or blog. 

Additional Information

  • All referrals and credits are managed automatically through your unique referral link - this is the only way we can track your referrals and credits. 
  • We will not be able to credit your account if your colleagues don't sign up using your unique referral link, or if your colleagues have signed up for a SimplePractice account before clicking your referral link. 
  • We cannot credit you or your colleague's accounts until after your colleague chooses a paid account. 
  • You will not receive a free credit for adding a clinician to an existing group account. 
  • We do not stack promotions - this Refer a Friend promotion is not available to use in conjunction with any other promotions.  
  • The $50 referral credit automatically gets applied to your next billing cycle.

Note: For annual accounts, you'll receive the $50 referral credit for the following year's billing cycle. For monthly accounts, you'll receive the credit for the following month's billing cycle. 

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