Upgrading your SimplePractice trial

 How to Upgrade from a Trial to Paid Subscription

Click the "Upgrade My Account" button at the top of the page

Select the plan that fits your needs, either the Essential Plan or the Professional Plan.  

Click here to find out more about SimplePractice pricing.   

*Remember that any claims filed cost .25/claim.  We have packages available as well if you bill a high volume of claims.  

Enter your credit card details and other required billing information, then click the "Upgrade my Account" button.

Important Details to Know

* You will be charged immediately when you upgrade and your paid account will start on that day.
* If you are having difficulty or getting an error message when you try to upgrade
      - Check to make sure that your CVV is correct when you enter your information. 
      - Try switching browsers - sometimes the transaction won't go through because of         a browser setting.
* Plans can be changed or canceled at any time.   
*Claims are not included in the package price and cost .25/claim (up to 6 sessions per claim) 

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