Do you have a phone number I can call?


We don't have a number you can call, but we'd love to answer your questions by email! Click here to ask an expert! You can also search for what you're trying to do in our search bar on the Help Center Homepage. We've worked hard to make a lot of guides that will help you!


We know that may be a bit unusual, but after experimenting with having phone support in the past, we’ve found that starting with email enables us to get you the fastest and most accurate response. Plus you’ll have a record of what we say, so you can always reference it later. 

We have a small team of people who are really great at what they do. We found that as we've grown, we just couldn't keep up with the number of calls we were getting while also maintaining awesome support. We wanted to make sure we gave every customer the same awesome support our SimplePractice customers have grown to love, so we decided to remove our number from our website.

Help Center and online classes

We've added more articles to our help center and made it easier to find what you are looking for with our Help widget so you can get the answers you need when you need it. We know not every question can be answered by email, so we also have live Online Classes where you can ask questions and we show you how to get the most out of SimplePractice. Sometimes that’s easier than going back and forth on email, plus you’ll get to see our faces in person! Click here to sign up!



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