Availability scheduling overview

With Availability Scheduling for Online Booking, not only are you able to indicate the times you are available so your clients can schedule their own sessions, you can also specify the services you provide during your availability blocks. We’ve integrated our Call-to-Book feature as well, which allows you to designate certain times or service codes as available to book by phone call. You'll have more flexibility and control over your availability while being able to give your clients more choices for the services you offer in Online Booking.

Get started with Availability Scheduling for Online Booking here:

Click here to learn about how you can manage your Availability.

Click here to learn how to designate billing codes for Online Booking.

How is this different from Client Self Scheduling?

Previously, you were only able to set your practice hours and one service code to be available for clients to schedule a session online. Now you'll be able to have availability blocks so that you can offer different services at different times of the day as well as easily make yourself unavailable when you're going on vacation or taking time off.

I had Client Self Scheduling enabled before. What does this mean for me and my clients?

Your current settings won't change, but you'll now have more options! We've automatically migrated over your practice hours and converted them into availability blocks. We also retained the default service code for self scheduling that you previously selected. In addition, if you had scheduled "Events" to block off times for lunch or for vacation, those remain. So basically your clients will see the same available times you had before!

You now have more options to add other service offerings to your availability and you can add additional overlapping availability blocks if you offer specific services at certain times of the day.


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