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How do I edit or delete a payment?

You can easily edit or delete cash, check, and credit card payments to reflect the correct billing information for your clients.

Note: If you would like to delete or refund a Stripe credit card payment, see this guide: Charging, refunding, and setting up AutoPay for clients with your Stripe account.

Editing and deleting a payment

To delete a payment for a client, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the client's Billing tab: 

The client's Billing tab in SimplePractice

2. Hover over the dollar amount for the payment that you would like to change to see the options to 'Edit' and 'Delete' appear:

You can edit or delete a payment by hovering over the dollar amount in SimplePractice

  • Edit will allow you to edit the payment type, amount, and the date of the payment. 
  • Delete will prompt you to confirm that you would like to delete the payment. 


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