Why is SimplePractice for Groups only offered in a Monthly Subscription?


SimplePractice for Groups is offered as a monthly subscription to accommodate how groups change and grow over time. The Professional Plan allows for the addition of multiple Clinicians and Clinical administrators. 

The Professional Plan starts at $49/mo. This price includes the first clinician plus any non-clinician team members like Schedulers, Billers and Supervisors with Supervision Only permission. Click here to learn more about permissions.

When you add a Clinician or Clinical Administrator, each one will be $29/mo. For example if you have 3 clinicians in your practice you'll pay $49/mo for one clinician +$58/month for 2 additional clinicians. This makes it easy for you to add a new clinician at any time. 

We don't currently offer annual plans for SimplePractice for Groups. If you are part of a group that needs annual billing for reimbursement purposes, please email us by clicking on the orange Help? bubble (in the lower left corner) to send us a message and let us know that you viewed this article and are in need of billing arrangements for reimbursement purposes.

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