Requesting credit card information via the Client Portal

If you have a Stripe account linked to your SimplePractice account, you can request credit card information from your client during the intake process. '

By default, the Credit Card Information form is selected in your settings. This means that it will be included in the intake packet you send to a client. You'll have the option to deselect that form before sending the client intake.


I don't want to include the Credit Card Information form 

If you do not want to include the Credit Card Information form in the default intake packet, here's how to remove it:

  1. Go to My Account > Settings > Client Portal.
  2. Click the Shared Documents and Files tab. 
  3. In the Documents and Files section, you will see the Credit Card Information form with the box selected to include the form in the intake.
  4. Deselect this checkbox so the form is not sent by default.

requestCC-2.pngIf you've already requested info before and you'd like to do so again

Your client can add new credit card info as long as you request it again via the Client Portal. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the client's overview page.
  2. Click edit/view client info, then select the Billing and Insurance tab.
  3. If the client is enrolled, you will see a checkmark in the AutoPay Enrolled checkbox.
  4. Deselect the checkbox, then Save.
  5. Return to the client's overview page, and click Share New in the bottom right corner.
  6. In the green email that pops up, scroll down on the right side and check the box for Credit Card Information, as shown below.requestCC-1.png
  7. Click Send Message. This will alert your client via email that they can fill out their credit card info in the Client Portal.

Note: This credit card information form isn't mandatory. The client can skip over this if they so choose. If you require this information, you'll want to add a note to your email body letting them know this.

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