How to set a custom service code rate for a client

If you're seeing a client on a sliding scale or set a special rate for them, you can set a default service code and rate that's specific to that client. 

How to set a client's default service

  • Navigate to the client's Overview page
  • Click Edit details
  • Click Billing and Insurance

The Billing and Insurance tab on the client's overview page in SimplePractice

  • Scroll down to the Client's Default Service section
  • Select a service code from the dropdown menu

Select a service code from the dropdown in the client's Default Service Section in SimplePractice

Note: If you want to add a new service code or edit the service codes your practice offers, see How to use and create service codes.

  • Enter a custom rate for that service code
  • Click Save Client

The new default service code and rate will automatically apply to all new appointments created moving forward. You'll still be able to select a different service code and manually edit the rate when creating a new appointment if needed. 

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