Assigning service codes to clinicians


If you have multiple clinicians in your account, you'll be able to assign service codes to clinicians. You might not want your clinicians to have all practice service codes in their list, so assigning codes will make it easier for them to find the codes they need to use!

1. Click on My Account then click on Settings.

2. Click on Billing then click on Services.

3. You'll see a list of service codes. You may notice that some clinicians' initials may already be displayed.


4. Click on the service code that you want to assign to or remove from a clinician. 

5. You'll see a section titled Clinicians Offering this Service. Select or deselect the clinicians that should offer this service. Then click Save.

You may want to do this for all of your services. If your practice doesn't use some of these services, you can make a code inactive by deselecting the Active box.

Currently we don't support custom fees for each clinician. However, there is a way to set different fees at the client level if clinicians offer different service fee levels. Click here to learn how.

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