My Supervisor can’t see my Progress Notes


If your supervisor can't see your Progress Notes, you'll want to make sure that they are logged in as your supervisor and that you have signed and locked your Progress Notes.

Is your supervisor logged in?

First, make sure your supervisor has been added to your account by checking your Team Members settings in your practice settings. If you haven't added them yet, here's how: Add a Supervisor to your SimplePractice Account

If your supervisor is logged in, make sure they are logged into the supervisor account associated with your account and not their personal SimplePractice account. They will see a "Supervisor" section in the left column if they are signed in as a Supervisor.

Did you Save and Lock your notes?

If you are ready for your supervisor to review your notes, be sure to Save and Lock your notes. When you are done writing your note, click on the blue Save button. Then hover over the note and click on the grey Lock button that appears on the righthand side. 


Type your notes in the Progress Note Field.

Click Save

Hover over the note and Click Lock

Remember, this is a permanent lock so you will not be able to edit your notes. If you are ready to lock your note, click OK

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